Monday, January 09, 2006

This is why we don't need ANOTHER "task force"

Ok, so as I mentioned yesterday, a woman's dog was zapped to death on a city sidewalk.

Don't believe me, read the story here for yourself: Dag Zapped

Seemingly this has happened 3 times since 2003, though that is only the reported ones. Evidently many others just got zizzed.

As a result, NStar (the local electric company) "formed a taskforce" last year and found 60 live covers in 120,000 units.


When the higher-ups in Boston form task forces, I get nervous.

It's just that to me it seems that whenever the city doesn't really want to resolve a problem, they form a task force to talk/analyze/research the issue to death.

So far my favorite task force has to have been the "Task Force on the Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project"

The most incredible report came from this task force , and it "included strong recommendations to strengthen federal oversight of the Boston project and require fiscal responsibility from the CA/T project leadership"


This is the same report that said that the project was going have cost overruns of about 1.7 to 1.9 billion dollars. Which would bring the total cost to somewhere over $13 billion dollars.


It boggles the mind that $13 billion dollars was spent on about 300 acres of a state that is about 5,284,480 acres in size. Which is a titch over $3 million an acre. Those planned greenspaces better look terrific!

So, yeah, the city can create a "task force" to investigate the electrocution deaths of dogs in the city, but first all dog owners should invest in doggie booties ASAP.

yeah, I'm bad as I wanna be yo!

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