Sunday, January 13, 2008

When French Toast & Vrai Pain Grille Agree

The French Toast Weather Alert System from Universal Hub is set to HIGH, so naturally I called the only weather person I trust: La Maman.

"Mom, I am going to the market, do you need anything" I say.

"Are you going to batten down zee 'atches?" she says, and I know she is smirking a little.

"Um, well do I need to?" I ask.

"Yes, I sink so. I brought my work 'ome wiz me on Friday. I sink it will be bad. But your granfahzaire zayz it will juz be rain" is her response.

Which tells me two things.

1) She has known about this "weather event" since Friday and only now tells me! The nerve!


2) It is going to SUCK. Unless of course Grandpa is right (which he is surprisingly often), in which case you should run out right now and buy an umbrella. Because it is always fun to panic about the weather.

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