Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cold enough to make pissicles out!

Oh my holy frozen moly - it is COLD out. When did this happen? How come there is not a French Toast warning system for really frickin' COLD????

My neighbor calls it "pissicle" cold. Which means that when he goes and he pees outside, it makes a sort of icicle.

Yep, I surely do live in the CLASSY part of town. Um, rather the KLASSY part of town.


adamg said...

An equivalent frozen-weather warning system would probably involve these, but there are so many to choose from, I can't make a decision!

Lily VS said...

Hahahahahaha - well I would reckon that right now it is about 22 Brass Balls cold.

Figure that water freezes at 32 degrees (1 brass ball) and peepee freezes at about 23 degrees, according to a totally UN-scientific google search (10 brass balls).

So if the temperature outside is 11 degrees that makes it about 22 Brass Balls out.

Although they say that the wind chill factor makes it feel about -15 out - a whopping 48 Brass Balls!

Whoa that is COLD!