Sunday, January 27, 2008

That was easy!

I am now officially a Burlesque Queen of Boston!

Yes, it's twue! It's twue! I stripped off, or rather in burlesque speak, I revealed myself all the way down to my bra, knickers and garter.

In front of 13 other people.

Mind you they were all also scantily clad women, so it was far less intimidating than I thought.

And it turns out that everyone else out there - no matter their height, weight, or gym predilection - has something that jiggles, wobbles, or dimples. Everyone. No one is exempt from a jiggle, wobble, or dimple.

We learned how to bump (slam the car door with your hip!), grind (yeah, that kind!), and strut like, well, strut (slink even!) like the burlesque queens of yore.

Which make everyone, everyone, look really hot, no matter how self-conscious they are of the jiggle, wobble, or dimple. You can't help it, thigh highs & garters make everyone look good. Throw in heels and a slinky walk and ay carumba mama!

And most impressively (totally worth the class cost alone) we learned how to twirl our pastie tassels like pros! You can make them twirl one direction, twirl the other direction, and even twirl one in one direction while the other twirls in the opposite direction. A very cool trick for the repertoire.

You leave with a routine suitable even for people with two left feet, music, and your own set of pasties.

And in my case, an insatiable urge to buy a few oversize ostrich feather fans. You know, for later, when I take the next class....

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The Boston Babydolls said...

Glad you had fun!