Sunday, January 27, 2008

Resolution 2: Date more

2008 - Year of the Date

Let me just say that for about a year or so I was on a self-imposed dating hiatus. After a series of unfortunate love tangles and terrible dates, I decided to take myself out of the mix and date myself for a bit. I know from experience that I am a terrific date and I always say yes when I ask myself out!

However the hiatus is now over and I am ready to date.

January's been good so far, as it has been for my fellow blogger and dear friend The Blonde Bombshell.

She has been much better about her resolutions this year than me, I should follow her lead a little more proactively. She's been resolutely wading through the dating pool and blogging about her adventures over on Date in 08.

However I personally am a little nervous about the whole Match/Chemistry/EHarmony thing.

Online dating seems a lot like online grocery shopping to me: "Hey that cantaloupe looks delish! Nice and firm and juicy looking!" But then when Peapod actually delivers it, it turns out to be sort of smooshy and rotty and pulpy inside.

I like to meet people in person, squeeze the cantaloupe for myself, if you will.

Which is why I have been saying yes to almost every invite. Because who knows, one of these days I am going to meet my lobster!

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Ms K said...

i agree that the online dating thing isn't my first choice either. who thinks 'when i start dating i can't wait to sit for hours on end with my computer on my lap and browse thousands of men's pictures and read about them in hopes of an email'? no one.

i am proud of you for accepting all invites - vaya con Dios!