Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's called a penny-farthing. Now you know.

This past weekend I was down in Martha's Vineyard for a couple of days and it happened to coincide with the 2nd Annual Wheelman's Weekend.

Let me tell you, the joy at seeing a penny-farthing roll by is visceral, you literally start grinning like a fool and have to bite down on the urge to run after it. I was standing on the porch of the house we were staying in early one morning when I saw one cycle by and it made me instantly happy.

Then on Saturday, as we were strolling through the Tivoli Street Fair, we heard the ringing of bells. The crowd parted and a group of penny-farthings slowly came cycling down the road.

It was an extraordinary sight.

And I was sort of sad to see them go.

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