Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yes, I paid for these. With real money. Not Monopoly money.

I bought these for $10 because my friend I was shopping with SWORE that they give the feet a nice little massage when you wear them.

No they DO NOT.

In fact the only time they feel good is when I take them off. Sometimes I think I should just throw them away, but I can't. I paid good money for them, and also it turns out they are good shoes to clean in.

The pain makes me work faster.

The only good thing about them is that I am completely fascinated by the way they make the soles of my feet look like bubble wrap.


Lynn said...

i agree that the coolest part about these sandals is the way that they make your feet look :-) but give them a chance, i happen to be wearing mine right now, and once you wear them in a little bit, they soften up, and after working out or a long day in heels/shoes, they do indeed feel fabulous :-)

Miss. Von Schtoop said...

Sad but true, I bought these at Zapatos about 3 years ago. I think they were so cheap because there is something wrong with them, like they are made out of extra painful plastic or something.

Oh and for the record, I would never throw them in the trash. I would totally recycle them.

dj jazzy juliana said...

i bought a pair of this that are super comfy...for about an hour - then i realize that try as i might-im just not into masochism