Friday, September 19, 2008

Sure, go ahead. Pay my bills.

Ahhhh new students. Some people wait for the first U-Haul to deliver the BU Bridge, others wait for the first BBQ inferno, however I wait to see what kind of student I am going to get, because it's never the same two years in a row. Especially since the crackheads moved out.

Some years I get the totally noisy ones (loud music, loud sex, loud parties). Other years I get the civilized student (invites to BBQs, no noise, shovel my walk). Last year it was a cross between really fricking loud and somewhat civilized - they'd have these late night booyah hoedowns and then apologize profusely later.

(Oh, and after they moved out I found out that they were also complete pigs, costing the landlady over $5k in damages. They REALLY wrecked the place. Nice to know I am not the only slob on the block)

This year it turns out I'm getting the clueless ones. It's like this year is their first year living outside the bubble.

One guy's family sends him a steady stream of care packages. To my house. For the record it's just me and The Dentist-in-Training who live here at this address. And the DIT is off at some rotation in East Kickybumbum, so really she's not even living here.

I rang the bell at all the places where I thought the guy might live, where I've noticed recent arrivals, but to no avail. So I schlepped all the package slips and padded mailers back to the post office. I was really hoping to find him though. Plus one package smelled strongly like chocolate and I would have opened it, if opening someone else's mail wasn't a Federal offense.

At this point the family must have gotten the returned mail. But the packages keep coming. The one today has his name in extra dark bold, as if that might make a difference.

There is a newbie down the street who truly thought trash day was every day. She didn't believe me when I told her it was twice a week. She was surprised to realize that she'd have to keep her trash in her house until trash day.

Then another new neighbor has gone and switched all my utilities into his name. I might try switching my credit card over into his name as well. I mean, he's a new student. His parents are TOTALLY expecting to pay expenses through the nose. They'll never even notice.

But it has been sort of a pain. I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with the gas company. And the electric bill has been switched out of my name twice now. You'd think it would be harder to do. I called the water company, and they've "made a note" on my account, but we shall see.

Ahhhh. I have to say, the colleges and universities have their work cut out for them with this year's crop.

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