Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am SO not alone in this world. Even if I sometimes forget that.

This morning I got off to a, well, a groggy start. And of course, it being the weekend and all, it was a sort of early start.

Did I mention groggy?

Well so there I was futtering about in the kitchen, on the phone trying to bee-booop-beeep my way through some automated system. I was in my sleep shirt which is basically a really long tee shirt and I was trying on a new strapless bra my sister gave me.

Oh yeah, I was trying the bra on OVER the sleep shirt, because hey, I put the "ass" in "class".

And so I am kind of doing things mindlessly because of the be-boooping. At which point I see something out on the deck that needs my attention. So out I go, on the phone, with a strapless bra on over my nightshirt.

I am sort of trying to concentrate on the phone, which means that when I turn around to go back into the house I am surprised to see my neighbor sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee. (It was a gorgeous morning)

Quite frankly this neighbor does not look appropriately surprised, however I am in a nightshirt and bra. So who am I to say anything.

At least it's not a sweater and galoshes like the last time.

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Betsy said...

OMG - that is the greatest image - you out on the porch, on the phone, in the sleep shirt with a strapless bra on over it. Lucky neighbor.