Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Blame the Heat. AND the Humidity.

It really still is too hot for me to post regularly. I don't have A/C at home and this computer blows out hot air as if to spite me. I can't really post to the blog at work, because uh, well, that's inappropriate. And I am just not that funny when my brain is half melted out my ear.

AND the next person to tell me it's NOT the humidity, it's just the heat, that it's just this humid in the winter and I just don't notice, blah blah blah.... is going to get The Slap.

You know, The Burger Slap. Yeah, that kind.

I am not so much sweaty as uniformly damp. Also, it doesn't help that at work they keep the temperature at a chilly 43 degrees or so. Which means that the instant you walk out of doors you are completely drenched in a layer of condensation. You know, like a frosty beverage on a sh*t hot day.

This condensation issue has been particularly brutal for me because it has made me very slippery in my shoes. If you could see me walking across the parking lot, it sort of looks like I am walking on a sheet of ice. I suppose I ought to be wearing shoes I can wear socks with, but they don't make pretty summer shoes that are sock-suitable.



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Alice said...

Perfect summer shoes can make us cool in heat and humidity. Last month I shopped at Nordstrom and got a cool summer shoes and now enjoying.