Saturday, July 12, 2008

I really WAS up early this morning

So I have this super annoying habit of getting up extra early on the weekends. And when I am up, I am up.

This morning was beautiful so I decided to go out for a drive.

And this is what I saw:

A big black cloud looming over Mission Hill sort of.

As I came over the Mass Ave bridge, it was pretty obvious that this was no ordinary black cloud.

Interestingly it looked kind of the same from every point I saw it on my drive. This is from Purchase & Oliver Streets.

And as I crossed over into Southie, this was the view from the Summer Street bridge by the Convention Center.

I read on that a truck rolled over this morning on 128 and caught fire. I wonder if this was the smoke from that.

You know, since I was down there, I really should have hit Haymarket...


adamg said...

Ring of fire causes ring of smoke! Cool photos, if a bit eerie (that one of the Financial District looks like the start of an alien-invasion movie).

me said...

great photos!