Thursday, November 30, 2006

I need help.

Yesterday night it was kind of cold.

(Unlike today where it is about 70 balmy degrees!)

Anyway, when I got home last night, I was catching up on some reading and kind of felt chilly as I was wearing a skirt and just sort of sitting around.

So I go and put on a pair of pajama bottoms and then was like "well I'll be chilly if I take off my skirt" so I left that on over the pj bottoms. Hot, I know.

Then, I pull on a ratty old holey cardigan over the nice sweater I was wearing because a) it made me even warmer and b) I had to do some dishes and didn't want to get the nice sweater mucky.

Which was fine because who cares if I look like a bag lady in the privacy of my own home.

Until I realized that I'd left a bag in the car that I needed.

So I pulled on my boots because they were closest to the back door and went out to the car, figuring no one would see me because it was dark out.

Ha ha, riiiight.

That's what my neighbors are for. They are for catching me out in the dark in my pjs-under-my-street-clothes-snow-boots-ratty-sweater-outfit. Like I said: HOT!

They already think I am the old nutball who complains about their loud 4am parties, and now - after last night - they must think I am an about to be a homeless old nutball.

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Anonymous said...

That's why I like silky PJs and in this neck of woods you can never be sure when the men in uniform (and I don't me the white coat variety) might show up!! Over here officer!!! Yeah, when my neighbor took too much meth and freaked out, I was the one down on the sidewalk in my cute little nighty and heck, full make-up!! Like I said, can't be too careful!

Side note: my secret word is fkilxan - sounds dirrrrrty or at least kind of like a medicine to cure something dirrrrrrty.