Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Free Crap on Craigslist Roundup - Wheee Haaa!!

I love browsing through the Free section on Craigslist.

People post what they essentially should be chucking in the garbage, or bringing to the Goodwill in the hopes that someone will just come take it off their lazy asses.

At least that is my expectations when I post my crap for free.

And it seems this is more common with people who don't want to pay to have something big, heavy, metal, or broken removed. They are the types who remain hopeful that someone will really want an old rusted grill that I bet the trash folks aren't going to want either!

Some ads make me laugh, like this one for a "noratrack exerciser":

I mean c'mon now, the retro appeal of this ad really sells the "noratrack", doncha think?

Then there are the ads that make me think that someone from MIT is going to build a blinky flashy thing and wear it to the airport or something similarly inappropriate:

Heat sinks? Lasers?Diode assemblies? Someone at Homeland Security just popped some wood I tell you.

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