Sunday, July 13, 2008

On Being Neighborly

I will pretty much accept anyone as they are, who they are, whatever. It's a condition of having grown up in the city I think.

However, stupidity something I have the most difficulty in accepting in a person.

And I have one really stupid neighbor. This is the guy who "built" a roof deck out of random bits of wood and stair balusters, who stole a fireplace surround from me, who chased out his crazy Jewish tenants by hanging a flag with a Swastika on it, chased out another female tenant by festooning the place with pornographic images, and who had his previous live-in lover committed because she was just that crazy (btw she still is, only now she lives around the corner and still goes bonkers whenever she sees him, which is, oh, every time there is a gathering in the neighborhood).

So now he and his current lady-love have procreated. A little boy. This little boy apparently sleeps all day and stays up all night and ingests AA batteries with alarming regularity. And now Daddy is digging his little son a dust pit, a project he started around 1am last week.

I think it might have originally been planned as a pool? Or maybe a sand pit? Who the heck knows. This is the same guy who jackhammered his back stairs away in the middle of the night wearing boxers and flipflops. And then jackhammered a large hole in the side of his house and installed a window of sorts that I think he might have fashioned from half a french door.

Well now he has dug this hole about three feet deep which threatens dislodge my own fence - essentially he is now digging out and around the fence posts. When my other neighbor mentioned this to him, he replied "Vell zat is her problem, not mine".


I hope the rotten & dead trees he keeps in his yard (because he likes trees!) fall on his dilapidated piece o'crap.

Because zat would be hiz problem, not mine!

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