Saturday, July 26, 2008

Aliens among us? Yeah, I think so.

According to former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the US government has been covering up alien and UFO visits for years.

At least that's what the Telegraph is reporting.

It's entirely possible.

My theory is that humans lack the capacity to imagine alien life. Maybe aliens are invisible. Or maybe they live in an alternate dimension. Or maybe the earth is just a molecule suspended in something greater. And see, that is only what I can imagine. Imagination is based on some sort of experience. I mean people imagine aliens in all sorts of ways, but they give them color and limbs and a way of seeing.

An alien is never imagined as a button or a raindrop.

And besides, we don't know where the universe ends, or if there is anything beyond it. I mean really, what is infinity? No one can tell me - believe me, I have asked.

I mean think about it - if I was an atom that made up a particle of dust, I would think that the infinite universe consisted of the entire space under my bed. I'd hardly know that there was an entire room around the bed, or a whole house around the rooPublish Postm.

Ooohhhhh ow, ow, ouch! I just got a cramp. In my brain. Owwie!!

Crap. Now I am going to be up all night wondering how big the universe really is.

Damn aliens.

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