Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why I sometimes can't sleep at night.

There are two things in this world that ruin a person for life.

One is the fast food french fry. "They" lightly coat them with crack and once you have one you will forever crave one more for the rest of your life.

There really is no point in denying this. It is a scientific fact. Heck, it's probably even a mathematical fact.

The second thing that ruins a person for life occurs when a person is about 7 years old and some kindly teacher says: "The universe is more vast than the human brain can comprehend and no one can ever even define how big it truly is. How small do you think that makes you?"


So every now and then, probably for the rest of time, I will occasionally accidentally keep myself up too late at night wondering how big exactly is the universe and if it is that infinite and the size is actually undefinable then isn't it weird that we can say for certain how small the smallest thing is but maybe we really can't say for certain what the smallest thing is because we can't squint that hard?

And that in the relative scale of things as I know them - a light year is BIG, which means I am small, and which then means that theoretically Angelina Jolie should be invisible, which in turn means I can stop dieting!

Ahhhh, and that is usually the point where I fall soundly asleep!

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Krys D. said...

And hopefully dreaming about those crack-coated french fries.