Sunday, February 03, 2008

Operator Error! MBTA Part 2

Ok so yesterday's post on using the MBTA Trip Planner found its way to Universal Hub where a couple of people pointed out that I was not being exactly specific enough, and that I should have noticed that the Trip Finder was actually sending me to Comm Ave in NEWTON. Duh!

Yes, I should have noticed that, my bad.

I do think that it would have been helpful for there to be some way to pick the Comm Ave I was looking for. When I look up an address on Google maps it spits out a couple of offerings that alert me to being more specific.

When I originally typed in my address, I put in my number and street name, forgetting the zip code. At that point I did get a drop down box asking which street I wanted. But when I picked the Roxbury option, the Planner still mapped from Newton - telling me to walk 23 minutes to Boston College station.

However, when I typed in "969 Commonwealth Ave" in the second box the Planner just defaulted to Newton.

I think that having to make multiple attempts at getting the starting point correct, I sort of spaced out on the destination.

Hey and I am from here. I should have known there were two 969 Comm Aves.

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