Friday, February 01, 2008

Go Pats!

I cannot help myself - I love the "F" word almost as much as I love coffee and donuts.

The problem is that using the word is like singing or comedy. Using it requires appropriate pitch, tone, timing, whatever fancy musical term you like. And mostly it is funny when little tiny kids say it as their first word. Even if you don't admit it, it's funny.

Anyway, as it is I am neither chanteuse nor comedienne and when I drop the "F-bomb" people are f*cking offended.

So you are probably wondering what this post has to do with the Pats.

Well, Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald is my dirty ugly little secret. His potty mouth and ability to sustain a buuuuurrrpp is totally hot. Behold my hidden shame...

And my addiction to his profanity-laden pre-game commentary fuc*ing KILLS me.

So here you go. And remember it is Not Suitable For Work.
Because he says "fuck" like a lot.


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