Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If you suffer from "indignancy"....

You are probably a criminal.

Welllll let me just clarify: you are probably a person who has reason to be proven guilty in a court of law.

Today I overheard a woman discussing the whys and wherefores of her arrest to her friend. Seemingly she assaulted someone who evidently was "owed it", and as she was being arrested a baggie of weed was discovered on her person.

She was quite put out because she was not treated with respect by the officers, as she put it she was "suffering from the indignancy of it all".

And she wants her pot back.

I want to know how a person earns a beating debt. That is not a debt I would like to incur.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting one earns a beating debt... by something to do with pot.

Fornya said...

Oh many, many people earn themselves a beating debt every day. I prefer to take their own shoe off of their foot and beat them with that. As John Adams once said, "I have such a desire to knock heads together!"