Friday, April 27, 2007

Why I like C-Span.

My first exposure to C-Span was not a great one. Quite frankly I thought it was about as boring as watching paint dry.

But now that I have a less vague understanding that what happens on C-Span will eventually trickle down into my everyday life, I am a little bit more interested.

The other week (month maybe) I was watching testimony of bee keepers in regard to the dying off of millions of bees.

Sounds so ordinary huh - but go figure that bees are generally responsible for pollination. So if there are no bees, who is going to pollinate all those crops and stuff.

All these bee keepers gave this bewildered testimony on how they couldn't figure out how all their bees were leaving the colonies and not coming back.

Read about it here: Science Daily

It's actually pretty scary, the failure of this one little insect has serious global ramifications. I guess I won't be swatting at them this summer!

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Anonymous said...

So I guess the bees are dropping like flies. (I think I am so clever!)