Monday, April 02, 2007

Jammin' Grandma

Ok so this is an older story, but hey, it's always gonna be funny.

Some time ago I was browsing through the local Chez Marshalls and kept running across the same two little old ladies shopping.

(great, I have the same taste as little old granny. greaaaaaaaaaaat.)

Anyway, I am in the beauty creams and potions aisle and these two grannies are going crazy with the testers. A squirt of this, a pump of that, having a grand old time.

Then one little biddy says to the other: "I don't know about this one, it goes on a bit sticky" They converse momentarily about this crappy cream then toddle off.

Curious to see which cream could not cut the mustard, I went to have a looky-loo for myself.

Lo and behold they'd been slathering on jam.

Straight outta the jar.

I guess that would explain the stickiness.

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Alex said...

That will forever be one of the funniest stories EVER!! I wonder if they got attacked by a swarm o' bees on their return home to Nude-don.