Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hub(caps) of the Universe

I was driving west on Storrow Drive today, and just before the train/BU bridge I noticed about a million hubcaps in a heap on the side of the road.

Well maybe not a million.

But enough to notice. And to maybe make a couple of bucks on Ebay for sure.

I was wondering why there was a cluster of caps, and then when I came around the bend just after the bridge I saw about 3 or 4 cars pulled over. Each one had a flat front drivers side tire.


Then I remembered that there is a pothole that borders the median divider and the left side of the left lane.

I guess it is more of a pot-holy-hell-what-the-f*ck-was that!?!?! than an actual pothole.

Be careful out there people. And make sure you have AAA.

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