Thursday, April 05, 2007

Not worth his salt

There is absolutely no good or real reason to pay Alan Mulally $28,000,000 to be the CEO of Ford Motors.

I understand that the $28 mil is based on a $2,000,000 base salary + stock n' sh*t but whatever, it's still a major chunka change.

Let me just review a coupla reasons why he doesn't deserve it:

1. Ford lost $12 billion last year. $12,000,000,000. That is equal to roughly 3,037,974,682 Friendly Fribbles. Or enough for every single person on Earth to share half a one.

2. Ford stands for Found On Road Dead and sometimes Fixed Or Repaired Daily. And now with the downsizing, that makes Ford employees F*ucked Over Royally Dude.

3. Ford is closing several plants and laying off 30,000 people. He could give each of them $933.00 with that pink slip.

I think a cash reward for a job well done is the best kind of reward, but when did it turn into a cash reward for a crappy job that involves layoffs, plant closings, and billion dollar losses?

If anyone can tell me, and convince me, how this is considered a solid business logic/plan/approach, I will make, bake, and send them 2 dozen oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. Oatmeal optional.

Because I may not have a terribly solid grasp of standard business policy and procedure, but I do know that if it quacks, floats, and has feathers - it's probably a duck.

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Anonymous said...

And anyone who's been in the Evil Twin's petit ford knows that Reverse and first gear are irregular at best. Keeps me guessing. I'd take the $933 and get that repaired, dude.