Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One thing I would never do voluntarily

I sort of love the first few weeks of American Idol - the audition phase.

It's a guilty pleasure to watch people make complete buffoons of themselves while trying to sing some random Celine Dion song.

Please, anyone who chooses a Celine Dion song just brings it on themselves!

But tonight they had two cousins audition. One guy went in and sang/butchered Amazing Grace, thanked the judges for their time, and then went to leave - clearly he knew he sucked.

And just before he got to the door he turned to the judges and said "I just have to do this for the cameras ok" and proceeded to pretend shout that he was pissed and of course the judges are all laughing at this.

So then his cousin went in and was all tough acting, but then he sang really well and made it through. It was pretty funny.

Ugh, I can only deal with this once a year.

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