Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Food Other People Eat

The one thing I love about where I am currently temping is that I get to check expense reports - a job that scratches my voyeristic itch.

I don't really care who the person is, if they like to rent XXX movies, or if they drink gallons of bourbon, or if they keep company with a sock monkey.

What I really find fascinating is what people eat when they are on the road.

There is one person who on one road trip ate burgers and chocolate malteds. I forgot that malteds still existed.

Another person only eats chicken and french fries. I've seen days of just chicken and french fries.

Then there is the donut eater. Nothing but donuts and coffee - breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Don't worry, I don't associate people with the reports they turn in, but it's like when I used to work as a cashier at Star Market and I would be fascinated with the groceries of others.

And another thing, now I know that that there is a major difference between what people eat and what they say they eat!

I bet the Donut Eater would never cop to eating just donuts three meals in a row.

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Krys D. said...

Guess I have to be careful with my expense reports. People would find out that I would eat a small salad so I can then order a whopping serving of tiramisu. Another great post!