Saturday, February 10, 2007

Knee Deep in the Hoopla

The other night - well the other ages ago night anyway - I was out with a few of my people including My Favorite Amy and Cheap Thrills Rob.

Let me just say that hanging out with My Favorite Amy and Cheap Thrills Rob is like smoking crack - one freebase hit is all you need to want more. I never laugh as much as I do when I hang out with them. In Shamrag speak that makes them "ohmigodf*ckin'funny!"

But anyway that particular night I mentioned that Starship's "We Built This City" was voted the worst song ever recorded by someone, probably on VH-1.

And indeed it is a super-sucky song.

So I mention this and Cheap Thrills Rob blurts out in a sort of sing-song "KNEE DEEP IN THE HOOPLA"

Ok, try saying that line out loud.

I realize that KDITH is the album title, as well as a line in the song, but it is just so totally ridiculous it makes me laugh like a five year old at a poop joke.

What brings this up now? Well this morning when my radio alarm went off, guess what the line of that song was playing?



*next time the Muddy Rudders play, I am SO requesting "We Built this City"!!!!

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Anonymous said...

"Knee Deep In The Hoopla was the first release by Starship in 1985, the successor band to Jefferson Airplane and later Jefferson Starship. It went platinum, and is best remembered for spawning the #1 hits 'We Built This City'..."

There is SO much SO RIGHT with this quote. First any band that is a "successor" to Jefferson Airplane is awesome but then to be able to ROLL their own name of Starship into the Jefferson name ROCKs!!! And anytime your band is known for "spawning" hits really knows that it's a true sign of Starship STARDOM!!! Sweet. Amen.