Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Guilty Pleasures

One resolution I've made this year (one of three - more than that is too much to remember) is to revel more in the guilty pleasures of life.

Some of those guilty pleasures include:

~~ Having oysters and bloody Mary's at a bar. Any old bar.

~~ Watching Armed & Famous - I can't wait to see Erik Estrada in a real uniform!

~~ Read trashy magazines more often.

~~ Use more sriracha!

~~ Take more Jimmy Buffett baths. You know the ones where you crank the heat, fill the tub, throw on the sunglasses, put on Son of a Son of a Sailor, make a pitcher of margarita and soak it all awayyyyyy. Yeah, I definitely don't do that enough!

Here's to new years and good times!

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