Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year Predictions: Fiery Splits

Good and happy is only good and happy if there is bad and crappy to compare it to.

Which means you can't have hook-ups without breakups and my '07 kiss off predictions are as follows.

1. Paris and Stavros. Or Niarchos, or Pavlos, or Zeus. She like her men Greek and moneyed, but it never lasts. Bye, bye for you Greek god!

2. Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. He does NOTHING for her. She was supposed to look better after her divorce, not like some Christian music chanteuse. Bye, bye, you bad stylist. And good riddance!

3. Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton. If they really wanted to get married, they should have gotten married long before now. Bye, bye, there's a reason you didn't get hitched the first time around!

4. Evangeline Lilly and Domenic Monaghan. Talk about the odd couple, it's like watching a grub make out with Barbie. You just wait until she gets off the island buddy! Yuck. Bye, bye hobbit boy!

5. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. Face it - he thought he was marrying the heir to the Aaron Spelling fortune. Instead he got a poor, horse-faced, talentless wifey. Now that he got her preggers he wants to remarry her all over again. This is how things went to sh*t between BritBrit and K-Fed and look where they are now.

Buh bye!


Anonymous said...

If you're going to insinuate that Ms. Sheridan and Mr. Bolton don't REALLY want to get married, take a moment and learn how to spell her name correctly.

It's Nicollette, NOT Nicolette.

They're both very busy with their careers at the moment, and will get married in '07 when their schedules allow.

Buh bye!

Miss. Von Schtoop said...

Oh hey thanks for the update!