Friday, January 05, 2007

Bread a monkey could make

So like every other foodie blogger in the universe, I too had to try the Bittman bread.

It claims to be no fail.

Anyway, I gave it a whirl. But my batch turned out funky and blobby and too wet and didn't rise. Well maybe after I forgot about it and let it out to rise for about 22 hours it rose and then fell again...

I gave up and threw the whole malakka into a glass jar and into the fridge it went. At the very least it was going to become a starter sponge.

WELL after two days that malakka seemed to grow of its own accord.

So I said "f*ck it", pulled it out, let it rise again (which it did) and I baked it off.

Holy crap, it totally worked out!! And it was pretty good!

I have pictures to prove it too, which I'll post later.

So, there you go - truly no fail bread.

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