Sunday, January 28, 2007

Academy Awards - February 25th 2007

I just like to watch the Oscars to see what completely silly-foophy outfit designers trick people into wearing.

Cher needs to make another movie so that she can go to the awards in a Bob Mackie confection.

Anyway, enough about what I want, here are my 2007 Oscar picks:

Best Motion Picture of the Year: I want the The Departed to win (whoo hooo Boston!), however Martin Scorsese has some strange kind of Oscar hex on him. So it would be great if Little Miss Sunshine won. But probably Babel will win because I think Hollywood has lost its sense of humor completely.

Best Actor: Ugh, I don't like any of the contenders in this category. Ryan Gosling always has the same constipated look on his face, Forrest Whitaker plays Idi Amin which is an Oscar kiss of death, Peter O'Toole can't win because they've already given him the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Leonardo DiCaprio was in a Martin Scorsese film. Which means that the award should go to the Fresh Prince, errrrr, I mean Will Smith!

Best Actress: This is the year of the matron! Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, & Meryl Streep are all proof that women "of a certain age" are Oscar GOLD in Hollywood. This is not an easy pick. Streep has won twice, Dench has won once, and Mirren has been nominated three times. But Kate Winslet has also be nominated a coupla times, she made hilarious fun of herself and her Oscar aspirations in a great episode of Extras, and she is under 40 and Hollywood LOVES that. As for Penelope Cruz, well she is cute and evidently this year is the year for anyone who speaks Spanish... It's a toss up, but I suppose that since Mirren won at the Golden Globes and at the SAG Awards, what the heck - she has my vote.

Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy, even though I want Mark Wahlburg to win (whoo hoo Boston!).

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson. She was voted off American Idol and then was paired with Beyonce - from rejection to redemption, she deserves to win. But secretly I hope that Abigail Breslin wins.

Best Director: Martin Scorsese needs to win one. But he is up against Clint Eastwood the Elder Statesman of Hollywood, and that's all the excuse Hollywood needs. But I am still casting my vote for him (whoo hoo Boston!)

As for the rest of the awards (editing, art direction, costuming, make up....), well I will make my predictions about them later. And seemingly there are two writing awards this year. I don't remember that from last year.... Which means that both Borat and The Queen could win for best writing. Curious.

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