Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shake Rattle & Roll

All season long I have listened to football commentators plink the Pats.

This season they have been the team that everyone loves to find fault with.

Which is why I have mostly been listening to the game on the radio because I can listen to Gil Santos without wanting to punch him right in the honker.

Like I do when I listen to Jim Nantz - for some reason I really have the urge to pow! right in the kissah!!! He is totally biased against the Pats.

I remember Jim Nantz as the guy in Nagano at the Olympics who cured my insomnia.

And now the Colts are struggling against the Pats for a place at the Super Bowl.

It's 21-6 at the half and Nantz is saying that the Colts will come back to win in the second half. Plus he keeps referring to the Pats as the "visitors" which technically they are but he is just technically being an "a**hole".

It's halftime, I need more NyQuil and a shot of brandy.

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