Monday, October 09, 2006

Time to christen the baby.

I really can't call this car the Son of SatanMobile.

It hasn't yet given me the kind of grief the original SatanMobile did.
And this car has air conditioning. AIR CONDITIONING!

It's a Christmas miracle!
In fact I am almost afraid to even use it, in case I use it all up before next summer.

Anyway, so now I need to come up with a new name for the beast.

My first Volvo was a medium blue '88 240 station wagon known as the "Breakfast Bus" because it was usually used to take like 11 people to, well, breakfast. Sometimes it was referred to as the "Blue Bomber" because she handled so well on the highway.

Then came the dark blue '91 240 station wagon known as the "SatanMobile" because of the constant heat and the fact that it had a devious mind.

So now I have the champagne '93 240 sedan that is temporarily known as the "Son of SatanMobile" but that doesn't feel right because she handles so sweetly.

Some of the names so far have been:

- Champagne SuperNova
- Flapjack (smaller than a pancake, it's a reference to the Breakfast Bus)
- Shortstack (see above)
- Ginger (Ginger is the name of the very nice lady at the auto parts shop where I had to buy some new fuses today. Older and sweet, just like Son of SatanMobile)

I am open to suggestions.

PS: How ghettowhitetrashsoccermom am I going to look when I put SatanMobile up on blocks and strip him for parts! I am now a two Volvo household! Giddyap mo-fo!

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