Friday, October 20, 2006

Boston Driving Blues

I can't be the only one who thinks that the Southeast Expressway turned into on majorly sh*tty clusterf*ck.


Back in the day it used to suck from about 7 am until about 9am and then from about 4pm to about 6pm.

Now it is bumpah-t'-bumpah from about 6:30am until about 10pm.

And good luck if you want to get on or off anywhere close-ish to Mass Ave.

The Mass Ave exit is usually backed up to the Southampton Street exit and never mind trying to get on from Mass Ave. The three light sets that regulate the on and off ramps are now regulated by State Troopers who may be great at busting meth rings but who SUCK at regulating the flow of traffic.

And then there is the machine that "zips" the HOV lane open and closed. This thing really f*cks up traffic. "Royally" as my dad might say.

Let me tell you why.

Heading due south on the Expressway from Mass Ave to about the Savin Hill bridge there are four lanes of traffic.

When you get to Savin Hill you start to see big yellow flashing arrows that tell you to get over. That the left lane is CLOSED.

Which is confusing to about 87% of all drivers because there are arrows in TWO lanes.

So does that mean that the 2 left lanes are closed? Which is what most people seem to think anyway because suddenly everyone tries to get into the 2 right lanes.

And no sooner do you sort out which lane you want to be in the big Zipper Mobile is coming at you.

That's when people really go "WHAT THE F*CK!"

Because it is truly disorienting to see a big thing coming at you in what is normally the highspeed lane.

I dunno. I give all this about 5 more years until some politician decides to do something.

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