Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Last hurrah for the SatanMobile

I took the SatanMobile to see Dr. T today.

I am devastated to report that the condition is terminal.

It is unlikely that the Satanmobile will pass inspection next month unless I put about a thousand bucks into it.

Which doesn't make much sense considering the car is 15 years old, cost me a grand to begin with, and is rusting to sh*t.

But I am wicked sad. I love the old beast.

I am going to miss the clatter and the heat and old man/gingerbread/apple pie/chipmunk smell.

So if you want one last ride in the Blue Bomber, you better get it now.


Johnny K said...

Another good vulva gone, sniff.

Johnny K said...

Miss LVS check out this link which reveals the best shaggin wagons are Volvos!