Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cross Cultural Eating

Lately I have been spending time with a few people of the Muslim variety. And right now it is Ramadan which means no eating during daylight hours.

To be nice, I tried to fast for one day and barely made it to 1pm. Being Muslim at Ramadan would definitely suck for me.

So instead I've had the chance to break the fast with them.

The first challenge is to find a restaurant that serves halal meat.

The first time we all went out together was to Schwarma King and the chicken kebob was delicious. And everyone eats with their fingers which MUCH harder to do than you think.

Trust me, this is not like when you were three. If you are not good at it, you end up slobbing all over yourself.

Also, I am learning to like bubble tea. You know, that milky drink with "fish eyes" in it.

Gross AND addictive.

I got a rose flower milk tea with boba which reminded me of a dessert experience I had with my evil twin. However instead of tapioca balls to contend with, we were confronted with vermicelli. But that is another story.

Anyway, I am enjoying my eating time with my Muslim peeps and can't wait until after Eid so we can go for a diner breakfast my way. With forks and everything!

Because eggs benedict are friggin' hard to eat with your fingers.

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