Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Real Estate Crap I Hate

You might remember my post earlier on certain overused real estate terms that make me bonkers... you can re-read all about it HERE.

Well today I came across THIS real estate listing.
(click on it to make it bigger)

I don't even know where to start about all the things about this ad that grate on my eyes/ears/brain.

From the use of the word "intriguing" in the headline to describe the penthouse, to the "essentially new construction", to the jacuzzi in the bedroom....

It all just hurts so very very much.

Let me let the ad do the "talking" so to speak:

"original gumwood ballusters evoke the history of the history of Cambridge and the house that once was" (Huh? The only part of that sentence that makes sense are the first two words. It's 'balusters' by the way.)

"luxorious cabinetry" (wrong!)

"Essentially new construction with an incredible location" (so the location comes with the unit? how convenient.)

"A 100 year make-over with brand new everything" (It took a 100 years to make over? Well that would explain the 'essentially new' part)

Ugh, I could go on. Oh wait! I will!

A fricking Jacuzzi IN THE BEDROOM.

With "with fireplace views from Jacuzzi tub!"

I have never understood the Jacuzzi in the bedroom. Tub, toilets, sinks, all that crap belongs in the BATHROOM. It used to be that if you had those things in the bedroom it meant you were living in a flophouse. A fancy flophouse.

No wonder housing sales are slumping. They are slouching towards idiocy.

Just don't get me started on the ad that touted a "coy pond" as a garden feature.

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