Saturday, April 12, 2008

Updated Nada Surf Review

Today, Saturday, is turning out to be a F*CKING wonderful day.

It's NOT raining out. I am NOT going to work. Things are starting to turn green in my backyard. The birds are chirping away. I have Nada Surf blaring on the radio.

I once read an article somewhere that said that everyone has a certain spot on their cerebral cortex that is scratched by certain sounds. Which apparently is why music makes people happy.

I believe that 100%. Right now I am listening to the Lucky album. Particularly to track 6 Are You Lightning? which has a chorus of "oohh ooh oohhh" or something like that and I can't help but want to sing along.

Which is how it was it was at their show on Thursday night. Pretty much I just sang along to every song. Which is I think what the lead singer, the wonderful Matthew Caws, kind of wanted. Because who wouldn't be excited about a packed venue singing along to songs you wrote. And singing along to Blizzard of '77 was the highlight for me, since I usually listen to that when I walk home and have to fight the urge to sing out loud and scare people.

Although it was very very cool when the crowd took over on Fruit Fly. And then again on Weightless. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

What I like about their music is that the lyrics are sometimes both happy and a little sad at the same time, and the actual sound of all the instruments together does that cerebral cortex thing to me. If I were a dog, my leg would be twitching right now.

Oh, and the sound at the Paradise here in Boston is really good, unlike almost every other venue I have ever heard music at, I didn't leave completely deaf, and I could hear the band perfectly. I hope the new management doesn't f*ck it up.

The other thing to love seeing shows at smaller venues is that you can meet the band afterward.

That's how I got to meet Aqualung with FabAmy (and no, they are not a Jethro Tull cover band), and how I got my picture taken (sort of) with Rhett Miller, and how I got to meet Matthew Caws, who is a very sweet and very personable performer. I am in love with him now - well not the actual person, but rather the musician character. Sorry Rhett.

Ah, yeah, today is turning out to be a great day.

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