Sunday, April 06, 2008

Because at heart I like to quantify sh*t...

Or contextualize... whatever.

Anyway did you see this headline?

185 Pounds of Cocaine Seized in Lynn Bust

Well, it got me thinking - what exactly is 185lbs of cocaine ?


Cocaine is typically sold in grams so, according to a random online converter, 185 pounds is about 83,915 grams.

According to the White House Drug Policy website, the 2007 cost of pure cocaine was about $119.00 per gram, although at that time they also indicated that there was a cocaine shortage in New England.

Furthermore they estimated the street cost of powdered cocaine (cut, not pure) was selling for between $20 to $30 per gram in New York City, while in Bangor, ME a gram was selling for about $100.

The bust in Lynn netted 185 lbs/83,915g of coke, which officials claim is worth $8,400,000.00 - which works out to about $100 per gram.

Which means two things.

1. It was not pure cocaine, in case you're curious.


2. At that price, we are definitely in a recession.

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