Thursday, April 03, 2008

NKOTB or Not

My inner teenager is secretly wikked excited to see Joey, Jonathon, Donnie, Jordan, and Danny hit the stage at the Tweetah Centah this summah. Especially if Tiff-ney opens for them.

Already I am sort of breathing a little funny. Is it hot in here?

Also let me explain that my inner teenager is a split personality.

I spent half my time as a teenager being misunderstood with my gay friends at Rudi's cafe on Newbury Street who drank iced coffee and did weird drugs in the bathroom and who lived in grody basement apartments in the South End. Yes, I am that old. *sigh* With them I listened to Depeche Mode, Bronski Beat, Madonna.

The other half of those teenage years were misspent hanging out with my big-haired girlfriend from Dot who drove the bitchinest Camaro EVAH and who taught me how to cuss with gusto and how to drive like a Masshole. She introduced me to wine coolers and to boys who wore Dakkar Noir and who wore turtlenecks, Champion sweatshirts, and Pumas - or maybe they were Adidas... And we listened to Guns n Roses, Poison, and I secretly fell in love with NKOTB.

When your favorite boy band is FROM where you live you start to figure that at some point you are going to meet one of them. In fact I was pretty sure that me and Donnie were going to be making out at Castle Island at some stage.

Heck I would STILL make out with Donnie at Castle Island.

Which is why I used to go to the New Store on the Block, you know, to be closer to the boys.

Thank god for growing up. I think.

And uh, I will totally go with you if you get the tickets...

Oh oh oh oh oh, the RIGHT STUFF!


Geoff said...

A couple years ago, I went to opening day at Fenway, and sitting just a couple rows ahead of us in the bleachers was Joey! Every couple of innings, a lady or two would show up for an autograph. I was surprised he didn't have better seats. said...

That's right! NKOTB is BACK! It's True!
I just love New Kids On The Block!
Listen to their new song Click Click Click at
Have Fun!