Friday, April 18, 2008

Perfect work insult

The other day I told my lovely co-worker to please stop poking me in the turkey wing. She was standing behind me poking at me in the part of my shoulder that is basically too close to my armpit for poking comfortability.

I told her to "quiddaat*!!!!". We joke a lot. She is frickin' funny.

Anyway, her response to my "quiddaat" was to say "Oh yeah? Well, next time I'm gonna slap you in the burger!"


That sounds SO inappropriate, but only because I am gutter-minded.

And anyway, she is so skinny and scrawny she doesn't even have a burger to slap. She's more the chicken nugget sort.

So today when I was venting to the Evil Twin about how a different, not so nice, co-worker was "slapping my burger" and how it was not right because Wednesdays are burger-slapping days, the Evil Twin sent me this response:

Uh, no, since it's a long weekend and you work for the county the code reads:

"Wednesday, from here on out will be and henceforth known as, burger slapping day unless heretofore a Friday before a State mandated holiday made up to accommodate tall thin people aimlessly running around which will therefore become another burger slapping day."

So there you go, the exception to Burger Slapping Wednesday rule. And don't you forget it.

Or I might have to slap you in the corndog.

* "quiddaat" is how we say "quit it" in our house.

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