Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Underwear in the bushes

One of the unfortunate side effects of drying your clothes outside on the line is that there is a very high risk of your underpants ending up on a shrub.


I had a few of my "foundation garments" on the drying rack yesterday, and I thought that I had hidden everything under dish towels. Um, because I am a modest Miss, thank you very much.

(And because if I didn't, my grandmere would probably rise up out of her tomb over in the old country, pick up the first Air France flight to Boston, hop in a taxi, and get her derriere all the way over to the 'hood just to give me a look that said "only brazen hussies flaunt their Petit Bateau en plein air for all the world to see, you naughty bad girl!")

However as I was watering my garden this evening, I found a stray pair of underpants in the impatients.

Zut alors!

**** UPDATE ****

I thought it was curious that my undies ended up halfway across the yard.....

My neighbor asked me if I found any of her laundry as some blew off her line. So now I am a) weirded out that I wear the same type of undies as my neighbor and b) intrigued by the fact that statistically speaking lots of people must wear the same kind. Hmmmmmm.

And for the record, I did not wear the found undies. I threw them away. They were in the garden all night long - what with the cats, birds, raccoons, possums, heroin addicts....

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