Monday, September 03, 2007

Behold the power of the Sun!

I have to say that I am becoming disturbingly earthy-crunchy, and I don't like it one bit.

Let's examine the evidence:

I recycle - most of the time. It's remarkable how much less garbage I produce when I consistently recycle/compost. (It was my only New Year's resolution - too embarrassing to fail when you only give yourself ONE!)

When I am not walking, I drive a beat-up Volvo sedan. I had to compensate with a Brockton Rox sticker in the window otherwise I feel I incite road rage among the Hemi set. (What can I say? The Champagne Supernova only cost me $650 on Craigslist)

I make my own yogurt and jam and bring my lunch to work almost everyday. (It's a) cheaper than eating out, and b) there is just so much fried chicken/pizza/subs/chinese that a person can eat in a week)

I go to the library. I go to the library A LOT. Seriously, the library is wayyyy underused. Did you know that you can check out DVDs? Plus the librarian at the Dudley Square branch is really nice and always hopes that God blesses me. How nice is that? Pretty nice! (My new job pays me in peanuts and good will. I am all about FREE these days!)

And the clincher today: my dryer is on the fritz and I cannot physically go one more day without clean clothes. I am too lazy to go to the laundromat, so I hauled all my clothes outside since it was a gorgeous blowy sunny day. Not only did all my laundry (shirts, jeans, sheets, & towels) dry in the sun in about 20 minutes, it didn't have that burny scorched smell. Rather it smelled a little like soap (enviro-friendly natch!) and a whole lot like sunshine. I want everything to smell that way! Behold, the power of the sun!

So anyway, I think I need to go to a football game with George Bush and get this earthy-crunchy-granola crap outta my system.

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