Sunday, September 09, 2007

Drunken Students - Grrr

This past weekend my new next door neighbors (Northeastern students) had a mad, drunken, event.

I hesitate to call it a party.

Anyway the drunken stupidity went from 11pm to after 4am. Apparently many other neighbors complained, several called the police, and a few went over and knocked on the door - all to no avail.

I was away for the weekend, but of course the minute I got back my phone started to ring. Something hasn't pissed off the neighbors this badly since street cleaning was started.

Evidently, in my absence, it was left to me to call the landlady to tell her about this. She didn't sound too happy. And if it happens again when I am home, she will be even less happy when I call her at 4am.

It would also seem that my yard was used as an overflow for the football competition - given the fact that I had to pick up lots of butts, cups, and other party flotsam.

I have no problems with about 87% of the student population in Boston. But it's the inconsiderate dopes who really give the whole lot a bad name.

Gahhhhh, ignorant party animals! Why can't they all live on campus?

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Bill said...


I'm just guessing, but I can only imagine that the police are too afraid of the backlash from the college if they bust too many students. Lots of mommys and daddys with money calling up to complain that their precious little angels have been wrongfully punished for "just being kids" and that something needs to be done.