Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year Predictions: New Couplings

In Hollywood it seems like people change partners more frequently than square dancers.

So, as the square dance caller would say:

Ace of Diamonds, Jack of Spades
Meet your partner & all promenade!

My list for '07 Hookups:

1. Lance Bass and Clay Aiken. I know I know, Clay hasn't come out of the closet yet. But c'mon, they would make a cute couple.

2. Tara Reid and Keven Federline. They belong together like Cheez Whiz on Wonder Bread.

3. Pam Anderson and Jamie Fox. He's a single parent, she's a single parent, and they are both a little naughty, spank you very much!

4. Jennifer Aniston and well I wouldn't have put her together with Vince Vaugh, so I am going to go with another unlikely sort: Keifer Sutherland. Besides, I kind of wanted to put her with Brett Favre except he's already hooked up.

5. Matthew McConaughey and......................... HIMSELF. Seriously, this man is the modern day Narcissus.

That's what I got for now.
Happy new year!

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