Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hot Tamale

Santa brought me the one gift I wanted - an electric blanket.

I suffer from that old Yankee ailment of Frugalitas Frigititas which means I would rather shiver to death than turn the heat up. I think it is hereditary.

Hey, I can always put on another sweater, right.

Anyway, the only side effect of this disease that I cannot deal with is the effect of having ice blocks for feet. Which is why I love my electric blanket because there is no amount of cold weather that I can't stand so long as my bed is pre-warmed and my tootsies are toasty.

Since my old blanket has deteriorated into a fire hazard, it was time to ask for a new one.

If I buy my own one I will by a cheapo model. If I ask Santa for one......

Well let's just say I got the deluxe, fleece-clad, ultra thin heat elements, turbo blanket.

Zero to conflagration in about six minutes.

Whoooo hoooo!!!

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