Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sad but true.

So two of Tony's henchmen are out and about collecting packets of cash in exchange for their protective services.

And they find themselves in a brand new coffee shop - a generic Starbucks type - and try hilariously to shake the manager down for a little protection money.

Which proves to be very difficult seeing as how the company "accounts for every f*cking bean" as the manager so earnestly explains.

It's like the manager/peon would LOVE to pay a couple of mobsters some green but cannot because "Corporate" won't let him.

Damn the Man!

Anyway the hooligans leave, scratching their heads at this new world order, and one says something along the lines of "so much for the little man".

So sad, but so true.

The economy of the corporation is killing organized crime as we know it.

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