Saturday, April 29, 2006

Red Bull Gives You Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!

Ok people, inquiring minds gotta know:


First a $100,000 worth of Kraft sauces goes missing down in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Then $100,000 worth of Red Bull goes missing.

That is going to be some nightmare of a BB-Q down in ol' Hillbilly Holler.

Now, if you figure $100,000 of sauce works out to $2 per bottle.
(Suspiciously, Peapod is offering Kraft sauces on sale for a $1......)

And $2 a bottle translates to about $.75 per bottle wholesale.
You can then deduce that $100,000 divided by .75 = 133,333 bottles.

Jeezuz that is SOME barbeque.

But it gets better.

There are 24 Red Bull cans per case.
2,880 cases were stolen.

Which works out to about 69,120 cans of liquid hee haw.

A party that involves over 100 thousand bottles of sauce and about 70 thousand cans of Red Bull sounds like my kind of party.

I am just waiting for half a million bags of potato chips to go missing and I am driving down to Tennessee as fast the Blue Bomber will take me.

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