Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Birdgirl of the Ghetto

First it began with the small shallow holes.

Walking out to the car I noticed what I thought to be small footprints scattered throughout the backyard.

Then one day I happened to fill up a flipped over plastic trash can lid with water because I thought the little sparrows and grackles looks a bit parched.

Later on I noticed that the little birdies were alternately drinking the water, then hopping into the water for a bath. Because that's what you do when it's sunny and warm in New England, you drink and swim.

Anyway, after they'd drunk and washed to their hearts content they hopped about in the yard until they made a little hole and then they did this odd kind of shuffle and flappy thing.

Turns out birds need both a water bath AND a dust bath.

Who knew?! Well now I do and you do.

My last contribution to the rabble in the rubble is a large lump of seed filled suet. Which tastes nasty to a human, but which is apparently like crack to the birds.

I have to make a mad dash now to the car with keys in hand to avoid getting dive bombed by suet-addicted sparrows. They are pissed that I haven't yet replaced the lump of suet.

This sucks! I am SO not responsible enough to feed and water a flock of about 47 assorted city birds! I can barely keep houseplants alive.

- sigh

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