Wednesday, April 12, 2006

DPW (Dumb People Working)

As most are probably aware, the administration of the City of Boston is a source of continued aggravation for me.

And probably for a few others too.

For example, for some reason the City seems to think that patching potholes at three in the afternoon is a perfectly fine task to attend to.

Well, sure, if you want to create a two mile curiosity back up in both directions.

Or changing traffic light lightbulbs at busy intersections at four in the afternoon. Because that would NEVER cause a clusterfu*k of cars.

And how come there is never anyone to direct traffic around these endeavors?

Hasn't the City yet realized that Boston drivers are mesmerized by heavy equipment? That seeing hard hats and cherry pickers confuse us and cause our braking foot to go heavy?

I can't wait to see what public works project they trot out today at tea time!

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