Thursday, February 16, 2006

What's the effing point!?

Ok, so it would seem that there is a candy maker out there making pot (pot, marijuana, mary jane, reefer, bud, ganja, weed,whatever....) flavored candy.


Why on earth would you want to eat candy that only tastes like the real thing?

I have a hemp body cream that makes me smell like a gigantic joint.
I don't eat it.

If I want to taste pot, then clearly I want to be high.
And not a sugar high either.

The state of Georgia wants to outlaw the sale of such candy. That is dumb.
Pot candy probably tastes like crap and therefore would most likely be a deterrent to little wanna-be hop heads.

But in case you, dearest reader, are curious about this peculiar candy, check out Chronic Candy.

It's candy porn!

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